Question by  medusa (14)

How do you connect an S video cord to a tv?

I am having a hard time getting my video cord from my VCR connected to my tv.


Answer by  Jeffrey56 (14)

You need to have a S video cord and line it up pings with the TV S video jack. Keep track of what input jacked and tune the TV input.


Answer by  Brian10 (8)

The S video cord is round, and has many pins that look the same. The easiest way to hook up the cord is to examine the outer metal housing surrounding the pins. You will notice a small notch. Line the notch on the outer metal housing of the cord to the notch on the device.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well if your tv has an S video input spot then it will simply plug right in. A lot of older tv do not have this jack. If it doesn't have one you will need to connect it with some other type of cord. Like a simple coaxial or component cables.

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