Question by  SammyL (30)

Why do I have a green vertical line and video on my tv screen?

My tv is acting up, it has a green vertical line on it.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

These vertical and horizontal lines appear in TV using CRT picture tube. The lines indicate that the CRT picture tube is in the initial stage of worn out condition.


Answer by  mamers (23)

Green vertical lines on television sets mean that the color tube is starting to go out. There really is nothing that can be done to fix this problem. Your television has the possibility to work for years after if you can stand the green line. Otherwise I would go out looking for a good deal.


Answer by  KRobinson (96)

it means that the blue and red firing elements in the tub itself at the back of the tv are either broken, or are misfiring to the incorrect position on the screen

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