Question by  TheCraig (16)

How do you close an e-mail account?

I am being harassed by an ex.


Answer by  deeemesgmailcom (22)

In order to close an Email Account first you need to go to the Email providers site (eg: If gmail you need to go "gmail" ) and then click settings >remove account/delete account .


Answer by  LindaJean (49)

If you close the account, your ex will get delivery-failed email and know that he needs to find your new address. You can mark mail coming from him as Spam and it will go directly to the junk email folder. Resist the urge to check the contents when you hit the "empty folder" button!


Answer by  Kit (558)

Well, you need to email to the companying hosting your email account concerning about the termination of your email! They'll give you options. Log-on to their Website, for contact details, and/or read the FAQs concerning email account termination.

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