Question by  FightingFishFriend (19)

How do you forward your AOL email to a GMAIL account?

I need all of my mail going into my AOL account to be directed to a different account on GMAIL.


Answer by  krisnair84 (211)

Sign into your GMAIL account. Go to settings, then Accounts&Import, click on Import Mail and Contacts and then follow the instructions on screen. You will have to enter your AOL email address as well as password. If you do it correctly, from there on your AOL will go to GMAIL.


Answer by  MRspooky (113)

Go to your settings option in your gmail account. choose the get mail from other accounts option. then choose the add another mail account option.


Answer by  palmike (9)

To forward to my Gmail account, I create a rule in my email client. Quick, simple and works from most any email application.

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