Question by  dherrera (21)

How do I obtain old emails?

I have a Hotmail account.


Answer by  venkiaries61 (53)

Determine whether email filed in a specific folder. Then click on the folder name in the left margin. Locate the "search your email" text box at the top-right of the screen. Emails are also in the Deleted option. You can find the email in the deleted option.


Answer by  SXMPA (16)

In order to obtain your emails you can use the search box on top of your mailbox or you can navigate through pages using the next button.


Answer by  Jenna (587)

If you have deleted these old emails and permanently removed them from your account you no longer have access to them.


Answer by  sailendra (63)

Typically, the mail remains on the inbox until it is deleted. Deleted mails can still be recovered from the DELETED section temporarily.


Answer by  vinodvShetty (123)

You can see Old mail only if you have not deleted it. You can select the pages and check the old mails. If your have many pages just click on the old page number where you can find the old mail. If you have deleted the old mail you will not be able to get that back


Answer by  edwin33 (88)

We can find the old emails by searching any word or phrase that has been used in that email;in the 'search your email' menu which is on the upper right portion of the page.

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