Question by  rabbitlady (8)

How do you care for papyrus trees or papyrus plants?


Answer by  ambersfrog (157)

The papyrus is especially needy of sunlight so it should be placed in the most sunlit place in the house. Also the papyrus is sensitive to the water it gets. Hard water can cause the outer edges of the plant to get brown so if you notice this is happening, switch to distilled or rainwater.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Indoors you place in bright filtered light, place pots in shallow trays with water at all times, and fertilize in summer. Needs lots of brightness in winter. Outdoors grow in big pots with a layer of gravel on top of soil, place in shallow part of pond.


Answer by  John43 (24)

Papyrus trees should be kept in a normal room temperature and humidity, but don't keep your plant far away from sun light which is very helpful to grow leafs of the plant. The use of the fertilizer is not good idea, but watering regularly could be helpful.


Answer by  Imogen (165)

Keep the soil moist at all times and ensure that the plants get as much sun, or at least full daylight, as possible. Make sure that the plants ae not exposed to draughts


Answer by  worker5534 (518)

The reed known as cyperus papyrus is fast growth reed. It needs plenty of water so pore water more. put natural mannure taken from domestic animals dung.


Answer by  worker8388 (994)

Papyrus are sun lovers. We can move the plant to sunniest location. Filtered,Distilled or rain water is the best option to water papyrus. Local tap water may be hard for them which could cause leaf burning. Fertilizers may also cause leaf burn. Just go for good temperature and humidity.

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