Question by  balakrishnan (24)

How do you care for a siberian hamster?

I need tips and guidance on how to take care of my hamster, when does he need to be feed, how often etc.


Answer by  quisqualis (1756)

This dwarf hamster can live for 2.5 years if given good care. Avoid sweet foods: fruit, carrots, corn, peas, and also avoid potatoes, tomatoes, beans and rhubarb. They need something hard to gnaw on, like nuts in the shell, although their diet is mostly seeds and grains and vegetables. They can fall due to poor eyesight, so be careful.


Answer by  Fern258 (14)

Caring for a Siberian hamster is easy. Keep your hamster in a cage with a 2-inch layer of bedding made from pine wood shavings. Be sure to keep a filled water bottle in the cage and placed at a height where the hamster can easily reach it. Your hamster should be fed hamster food mix once or twice a day.


Answer by  br657 (167)

Make sure it's cage is clean first and foremost, provide it with clean bedding. You can leave feed in the dish constantly. They won't overeat. They usually store food in the pouches in their cheeks. Fresh water is very important as well. An exercise wheel of some sort is important.


Answer by  Rachel0518 (78)

Siberian hamsters should be fed daily. They should be kept in a roomy cage with clean bedding that is changed weekly to help prevent disease. You should also wash you hands after handling the hamster.


Answer by  faye22 (4)

i usually talk to my hamsters. it's a good way to take good care of them. feed them daily and avoid touching them always. i sometimes give them milk and they like it.


Answer by  Quis (204)

You need to make sure you get the proper hampster stuff like a cage and bedding plus some excersise things in the cage. plus hapmster food.

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