Question by  darla (94)

How do you care for a belly ring?

I want to know how much work it is before I get one.


Answer by  localgirl808 (405)

Navel piercings require a lot of maintenance. For one thing, they can take months to heal, and require regular cleaning and disinfection. For another, the piercing is right at your waistline, which means that any pants/skirts you wear will chafe at the piercing and possibly infect it, even after it has healed. Think carefully before you decide to do it.


Answer by  Rhai (16)

For the first two weeks you need to leave it alone, except for cleaning it. You should clean it twice a day with washed hands by simply rinsing it with warm water and antibacterial soap. Rotate the ring in the piercing gently and then rinse off. After 2 weeks you can just wash it normally. Be careful and enjoy!

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