Question by  peta (7)

What kind of shop would sell a clip-on belly ring?

The piercing place doesn't carry them.


Answer by  fluffybunny (28)

You can usually find them at teen jewelry stores in the mall, like Claires and Icing, or you can find a good selection at Hot Topic or someplace like that that sells novelty stuff- a regular clip or magnetic ring can work too, depending on how you wear it.


Answer by  anna1034 (25)

The Belly rings we can find in the teen jewelry stores , costume jewelry, costume and theatre store in your area .claires and Icing are the examples of this shops.


Answer by  CCAnswers (84)

You should try looking in stores that specialize in costume jewelry. A great place to find costume jewelry is in a costume or theater store in your area. These stores usually carry a variety of clip-on jewelry.


Answer by  JohnAndrew (199)

A shop that offers belly piercing will definitely have belly rings and other piercing accessories to accompany the services that they offer. Other shops that specialize in rings for body piercings can also be considered.

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