Question by  Chris46 (25)

Is it safe to use distilled water on house plants?

I would like to use distilled water on my house plants.


Answer by  niki (111)

to use distilled water is quite good idea for house plant but it cause low immunity in plant. distilled water is low in salts and other ions and minerals. its the germs free also. its good at one level only. plants needs all type salts and germs also for its growth.


Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

It is recommended that you use distilled water for your house plants. Distilled water is just pure water, without any added minerals or chemicals. Those minerals and chemicals can sometimes be harmful to plants, so if you want to be sure to keep your plants healthy, use distilled water whenever possible.


Answer by  SurR (103)

It is ideal to use distilled water. All the minerals and chemicals that can be in tap or other types are removed, thus providing clean, pure water for the plant.

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