Question by  alleydny (23)

What is the proper care for a cypress house plant?

I would like to know how to care for my cypresss house plant.


Answer by  techgurl (97)

Cypress plants need plenty of sunlight and don't need a lot of water. Place the plant in a sunny south facing window and water about once a week.


Answer by  Sarah5482 (120)

Keep the plant in an area that's sunny all day(southern sun). You can also submerge the plant in water instead of dribbling water on it. The plant roots love to be soaked with water. You'll have to water the plant every few days to once a week.


Answer by  mahavin (589)

The main attention has to be given on cypress house plant are it has to be kept under light sunlight all the day and it is a drought tolerant plant.


Answer by  jeestes82 (105)

Typically Cypress or any Conifers do not do well inside of a home. Cypress and other outdoor plants need periods of dormancy and can not achieve that inside a home.


Answer by  MissSophie86 (62)

during the winter water your plant only one time in a week. should stand in a very sunny place. In winter cool place and water every 3 weeks

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