Question by  Samea (33)

How do you build muscles fast?

I need suggestions for exercises, nutritional supplements, diet, etc.


Answer by  JohnSmith92 (24)

Increase your calorie intake to at least 3000 calories. Be sure to try to eat a gram of protein per pound of your weight. Also be sure to eat plenty of healthy carbs as well, such as potatoes and brown rice. Take multi-vitamins. Lift heavy weight with low repetitions at few times per week. See your doctor as before beginning.


Answer by  knightmare (1231)

Make sure to eat a good amount of protein after every workout. This is what the body uses to repair muscle after a good workout, which means adding bulk. Start with three reps of eight, then go to five reps of five to see good increases in weights.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

To build muscle quickly, you want to do a lot of strength training, heavy weight and low reps. Keep the weight at a level that you can only do 3-4 reps. Eat a high protein diet. You can add protein powder to just about anything to aid muscle rebuilding.


Answer by  Cristobal (17)

The following exercises built up my arms, chest, and back muscles fast. I flexed as much as possible and did bicep curls, lat pulls, butterfly, tricep extensions, and upright row. It works a lot faster than going to a gym and using weights. Not drinking alcohol also helps a lot. I hope this helps.

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