Question by  caradee (32)

How do you boot people out of a Yahoo chat?


Answer by  Antony (169)

First log in to your Yahoo Messenger account. Click the 'Join Chat Room' menu option. Highlight a member to boot out of the chat and select 'Send IM.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

The only legal way to boot a person from Yahoo! chat is to report them and let Yahoo! boot them. The other option that you have is to leave that chat room on your own to avoid any conflict. There are boot programs online but those are against Yahoo! rules and rgulaions


Answer by  dipthought (11)

One common technique is using a program which sends hundreds of personal messages to the victim in quick succession, thereby crashing his yahoo messenger. There are many such softwares available on the web.


Answer by  shebitha (26)

Iuse to boot people in Orkut,Kootam. cometc,in both these sites its easy to make our profile and we can find our older friends and new friends. By making profile and entering into it,we can invite peoples to chat.


Answer by  tellymelly (13)

If you wanted to boot people out of a Yahoo chat I suppose you would need to report them to an administrator.

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