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Question by  shaukat (92)

How do you arrange long-term financing?


Answer by  gk215 (25)

One could issue bonds, with a fixed term and a predictable debt service requirement or equity, which has a higher required return, but no fixed maturity or required payments.


Answer by  zacooney (6)

I am currently using my credit card to improve my credit score. I have not missed a payment and always make my payments on time. I am also planning for retirement by operating my own IRA, Individual Retirement Account. In my account I have mutual funds, and small cap stocks which are expected to have aggressive growth.


Answer by  demographic (6)

Financing optiions vary depending on what you intend to finance. For automobiles, your local bank, credit union or car dealer can point you in the right direction. For a home, your realtor will have some suggestions, but it might be best to start with your local bank.


Answer by  y2pk (5)

Arrange long-term financing by first deciding on your need and then compiling your personal and/or business tax and income information to present to a financing professional for review.


Answer by  CourtneyVM (43)

To arrange long term financing it is best to talk to a broker that specializes in long-term financing for cars, homes etc.

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