Question by  spyyogeshgmailcom (21)

How do you add video to your electronic card?

I need to add video to an electronic card.


Answer by  BigD103 (548)

If you're asking how to add a video card to your motherboard the process is quite simple. You must first identify the slot you have available (AGP, PCI or PCIe) and buy a compliant card. Insert the card and boot up the computer & install drivers.


Answer by  Vroslak (23)

Its is very easy, you can use power point, there just insert the video you want to show, then click right button on it and edit the propierties so it plays when you start the document. You have to save it as doc.pps, so people can acces it only whit a double click on it.


Answer by  Tina41 (70)

This would be when the computer is builded, because most these days the video card is already installed, but you need to get a computer manuel and look for upgrading, and the find the item your installing inside the computer. USB with the video camra helps on video


Answer by  bodegan (11)

Not sure what you mean by electronic card nor what you mean by add video. If you mean you wish to send video to your computer, you will probably need a video capture card which run for a few hundred dollars.


Answer by  hemi (32)

First you insert the card into your computer (a card reader is included) and then you install the software. After a quick update you are set.

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