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Question by  chinola (13)

How do you access the kickdown cable on an s10 Blazer?

I need to get access to my kickdown cable on my s10 Blazer.


Answer by  elained (44)

Pop the hood, jack the truck up. Support vehicle with stands. Take air cleaner assembly off. Disconnect uppercable end from throttle body linkage. Disconnect lower end from transmission.


Answer by  DDragicevic (172)

Unlock the hood, and clean with anti-grease spray.Then tighten up any loose screws, until the sound is gone. I guess you refer to the s10-A, right? then don't forget to include the special screw from your local dealer. This is very important. Otherwise the cable gets loose and you lose ignition all the time.


Answer by  allaboutford (15)

The kickdown cable for this truck is attached to the throttle body (or carb) next to the Throttle cable. To get to it,remove the air cleaner assembly on top of the engine. The best bet would be to buy book for your vehicle to get the adjustment procedure. Newer transmissions are adjusted different then their older counterparts.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Your "kick down" cable should be located under hood running from the carburetor or throttle body down to the passenger side of the transmission housing. It should simply unclip from the engine and it has a bracket holding it. The throttle body might need to removed to see it.


Answer by  ANASANAS601 (3)

Truck is attached with throttle body take air cleaner assembly off disconnect uppercable end from throttle body linkage.Disconnect lower end from transmission

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