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Question by  Mbn (32)

What is the process of splitting cable internet off of cable television?

I would like to no longer get cable television but want cable internet.


Answer by  phoenix85 (366)

Call your cable provider and cancel your cable television service. Many cable companies will allow that. There are some, however, that insist that in order to have cable internet service with them that you must also have at least their basic cable television service. The prices for the basic service vary from company to company.


Answer by  gyles19 (126)

Contact your cable provider to see if this is possible. It is entirely likely that they do not offer internet access without a cable television package.


Answer by  testing1234 (100)

If you do not want cable TV service call your provider and they can add a filter to your line to remove any analog service. Also return any digital set top boxes then you will only get the clear QAM channels with a TV or DVR including this tuner type. Use the internet as normal with a lower bill.


Answer by  JRae (128)

Usually, all that is required to split your cable internet from your cable television is a call to your cable company. Nearly all cable companies offer this option. Make sure you ask about pricing, though - stand-alone internet service is usually more expensive than internet packaged with cable.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

This really depends on your cable company. There isn't some device you can purchase that will make a cable send Internet and not television. The company itself is the one that makes that determination. If your provider doesn't have an Internet-only package, you won't be able to just get Internet.


Answer by  Aral (184)

You'll probably have to call your cable provider, though in some cases they may allow you to make this kind of change to your account on their website.

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