Question by  Paul55 (23)

How do they make non alcoholic wine?


Answer by  Jellyneck (84)

Alcohol has a much lower boiling point than water. It's so low in fact that it's fairly easy to boil off the alcohol in wine while keeping the water. This process needs to be done carefully to keep the flavor of the wine fresh, but it can certainly be done.


Answer by  mtown934 (733)

Non alcoholic wine is made by crushing the grapes and taking the juice and cleansing it and then drinking it. Another name for this is grape juice.


Answer by  embockjr (709)

A wine is the product of a fermentation process, alcohol is a standard by product. Now, in order to eliminate the alcohol it is necessary to raise the temperature of the wine to a point that the alcohol is removed.


Answer by  rightlight (1053)

non-alcoholic wine is basically just sparkling grape juice. They make the wine as if it were regular, except they don't let it ferment.


Answer by  Jaquelynne (594)

Essentially you make the wine as you would normally as alcoholic. When you are finished, boil the wine and the alcohol will evaporate out before the rest of the wine. What you have left over is non-alocholic wine. Another way is to follow a recipie of berry juices, water, and sugar that you boil and bottle while still hot.


Answer by  trdimc2009yahoocom (171)

Put berries in juicing machine. Pour juice in pot. Add two quarts of water and two pounds of sugar. Bring to boil. Remove sediment. Pour into wine bottles and cork.


Answer by  sneh (42)

The juice of grapes, blackberries, raspberries, etc., pressed out without mashing the seeds, adding water, 1 pint, and sugar, 1/2 pound for each pint of the juice; then boil a few minutes, skimming if any sediment or scum rises, and bottling while hot, corking tightly, cutting off the corks, and dipping the tops into wax.


Answer by  Sarge (6)

Non alcoholic wine is referred to as grape juice. I assume it's made the same way any grape juice is made.

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