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Question by  emersonblue (14)

Does anyone make a non alcoholic wine?

Is it any good?


Answer by  nchaney1 (7)

There are several non-alcoholic wine brands, however the most well-known is ARIEL. They have a variety of both white, and red wines to choose from, along with one sparkling wine option. I have never tried ARIEL, but it won a gold medal at the Los Angeles County Fair in 1986 during a blind test against wines that actually contain alcohol.


Answer by  chavelo (114)

The answer to this question is actually "NO". Although there are some "non alcoholic" wines available, they actually have a small % of alcohol still in them!


Answer by  Cathie (670)

Yes, a few companies make it, I have tried the Sutter Home Fre and found it to be pretty darned okay. I actually prefer to get a nice, gourmet grape juice though for a special toasting without alcohol.


Answer by  prissymissy (1895)

Non alcoholic wine is usually not very tasty. Also it is really hard to find. Do an internet search for a winery in your area.

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