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Question by  huggskisses (24)

How do they make imitation crab?

I'm interested in the process and ingredients.


Answer by  Swimmer631 (18)

The main ingredient is Alaskan Pollock. You skin and bone the fish, mince it and seep the water out, forming a paste call surimi. Ingredients are added to improve the form such as sugar or egg whites. Natural flavoring of crab are added, along with coloring from paprika or other extracts. The surimi is cooked to set.


Answer by  Jim24 (25)

Most common fish used is Whiting and Pollock. The fish is blended with added flavorings and coloring is added to give it the appearance of cooked deep water ocean crab.


Answer by  CLV66 (73)

Imitation crab is made out of finely pulverized white fish flesh. They are shaped and cured to resemble snow crab legs.


Answer by  abc (19)

Imitation crab is made from different types of fish, which are processed and molded to resemble the texture of crab meat.


Answer by  niku (28)

Surimi is a blended fish seafood product to which coloring, flavoring and texturizing ingredients are added. Surimi is mostly composed of fish myofibrillar proteins. These proteins are responsible for the quintessential characteristic of Surimi that makes imitaion crab meat manufacture possible, namely the ability to form a sturdy gel which when cut and rolled together mimic crab meat texture.


Answer by  Kristi (13)

white fish is processed, and flavored to taste like real crab meat. The white fish is then dyed and formed into bite size pieces that resemble real de-shelled crab meat.

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