Question by  amit34 (6)

How do I write and send a text message from my T-Mobile phone?

I just got the phone.


Answer by  MechaTech (192)

Check your phones settings, under the "help and options" menu you can find tutorials to help accomplish this. There are many phone types, so a question this broads hard-to answer.


Answer by  Dustin (359)

You need to go to the messaging options in the phones menu. Select text message and compose message. Use the keypad to type the desired message and input a recipient. When finished select send.


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

Find the messaging icon within your phones menu. Type in the phone number for the recipient of the message. Type the message, then their should be an option to send the message.


Answer by  runnerG12 (124)

Depends a lot on the model. In general, go to the messages menu. Insert the receivers phone number, type the text message, push send.

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