Question by  virginnia (7)

How do I transplant a yucca plant?

I brought it home from the desert.


Answer by  dwammer (710)

Yuccas do best in dry climates. Choose a location, bury the yucca it was originally buried to arrange it to how it was originally oriented to the sun. Cover with dirt and shade cloth to avoid sun burns and water well. When new growth appears, remove shad cloth, water daily.


Answer by  AlleyCat (96)

Make sure to select a location that is more sandy and well drained. Only set the Yucca in as deep as it was originally.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Dig a hole, put a little starter fertilizer in the hole with water. Put the plant in and cover with dirt, water well. Next year when it blooms and dries, save the seeds to start new plants. You can freeze the seeds until you are ready to use. Thaw first.

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