Question by  caluwi (199)

How do I take the top off my washing machine?


Answer by  JBrony (39)

Start by removing the back of your washer machine. This will allow you to release the top control section. With the top control section released you will be able to unscrew the mounting brackets that hold the top in place. It should lift right off. Be careful to save your screws.


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

Depending on the unit, most have interlocking covers that pry apart. Newer models have screws in the front and at least one hinge in the back so cover can be easily opened for repairs or to retrieve lost items. Before attempting any service to the machine, be sure it is unplugged and the water flow has been turned off.


Answer by  JBear (184)

First unplug the washing machine because there will be exposed wires inside. Then unscrew all the scews holding the top in place.


Answer by  scoyne88 (161)

Many machines have screws on the back that need to be taken off to get the top off, also there may be screws on the lint screen.

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