Question by  tessamalk (466)

How do I submit electronically my documents to casting agents?

I need a good casting agent.


Answer by  appelfan (20)

First, you need the e-mail adress from the casting agent. Next you must ensure that all the documents are on one computer, you can scan pictures, ID's etcetera. When it's all on the computer you only have to mail it to the e-mail adress.


Answer by  JNorton (79)

The .PDF format is probably the best choice for electronic document submission. You will need your documents to be saved to .Pdf. If the documents you are referring to are "hardcopies", you will need to have them scanned first.


Answer by  phoenix85 (366)

First, you would need the e-mail address of the casting agent that you'd like to send your information to. Then, you would need to make sure that your resume and all other documents are in PDF format. You may then attached the PDFs to an e-mail to the casting agent. Most casting agents will not review resumes without prior communication.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

First, you need to be sure that they will accept electronic documents. If they will, submit them as attachments to the e-mail.

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