Question by  vims (21)

How do I strip my computer?

I need advice on how to remove all the files and information from my computer.


Answer by  gheesh (59)

Get a Linux LiveCD and boot from it. Open a terminal and type (without the quotes): "sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda". Now wait for some minutes and you're done!


Answer by  peters (296)

Get a bootable windows disk and run it. When it starts it will give you the option to format the drive. Do it, and repartition, this will help to hide the information. Then reload windows and you will have a clean drive with none of your old information on it.


Answer by  Hardwerke (12)

If you're disposing of the computer, then remove all of the harddrives. If you'd prefer to completely destroy the data on those drives, then smash them with a hammer.


Answer by  Phil28 (379)

Download Dariks Boot and Nuke (free). Burn the ISO-File to CD, boot the system off of that and follow the instructions. You have choices to fit any level of paranoia.

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