Question by  jeffw (173)

How do you strip oak cabinets?

I bought some oak cabinets at a flea market and I want to strip them.


Answer by  Kat69 (15)

The best way to strip oak is to get some paint thinner or stripper an strip off the old waxes,but be careful and do not leave on for a long period of time.This could cause some damage to the wood .Alway scrape off the old wax and litely sand you a tack cloth to clean up dust.


Answer by  Kelly88 (434)

If you visit your local hardware store (or the hardware section of your department store) you should be able to find a chemical stripper that will remove old varnish and paint from your cabinet. Then you can treat the wood with a matte finish to protect it, but leave it looking natural.


Answer by  Amy21 (460)

Well the first thing you need to make sure that its not veneer but actual oak wood. Next I would suggest you buy a stripper that is none toxic for the skin as well as breathing it in the fumes. Next make sure you apply it per the directions to ensure the best stripping method to preserve teh cabinets


Answer by  tansen (12)

first of all clean the oak cabinets with commercial wood cleaner poured on to a soft piece of cloth and gently rubbing on the cabinet including the hidden areas and then apply some varnish. wait for the varnish to get dry. you will get the results with in one hour.


Answer by  khnejmal (17)

Oak cabinets can be striped using chisels, it makes a smooth surface on the oak cabinets. oak cabinets are very attractive in nature and their presence will be prestigious issue. The natural design in oak cabinets are very attractive

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