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Question by  achu (7)

How do I stop my bad habit of biting my fingernails?

I have been biting them for 20 years.


Answer by  skwiglez (641)

Make reminders everywhere you go. Be obnoxious about it. Make a bracelet that says something about it. Make a huge calendar to remind you.


Answer by  belle39 (966)

You can stop by doing other activities when you get bored or nervous. Find some good books to read, call your friends for a good conversation, polish your nails a quirky coior, or cook an unusual meal for yourself.


Answer by  moke (21)

Put chille pepper on your fingernails. Next time you bite it you will be choked. By the way, I stopped biting my fingernails in this way. . . Good luck, buddy!


Answer by  LisaParker (25)

Go to the nail salon and have acrylic nails put on. The beauty of the nails will help you stop biting them.

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