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Question by  Cobalt80 (8)

How do you break a habit?

I have a really bad habit and every time I try to stop, I start again in just a few days.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

Unfortunately, the best way to successfully break a habit is by replacing it with a different, 'healthier' habit. For example, a smoker can chew gum, a person chewing their cheek can use tic-tacs to occupy their mouth. Depending on your habit , you should be able to find a replacement.


Answer by  Mturkexpert (11)

Identify what is triggering this behavior. Is there an underlying issue that you haven't dealt with? Without resolving the main issue it would be impossible to go cold turkey.


Answer by  dante54 (347)

If you are trying to stop doing anything you should find someone who is willing to help you. Talk to your friends or family and ask if they will be willing to give their support in helping to make sure you do not do what you are trying to quit.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

Habits occur because you have done something for so long, it is second nature for you. In order to stop the habit, you have to re-train your mind not to do it. Keep focused on this issue until you have trained yourself not to do the habit, and you should be fine.

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