Question by  Semaj (83)

How do I select a full time tutor?

My son needs a tutor to help him with many of his classes, there are so many to select from and I have no idea where to begin.


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

First, check credentials and recommendations, then have a face to face meeting with him. It might be a good idea to include your son in this meeting to see how they interact.


Answer by  tamthompson (53)

First determine if you want a teacher, volunteer or student tutor. Then decide on in-home tutoring or if you would like your son to attend a tutoring center.


Answer by  Sue89 (47)

Local schools and teachers can help in finding a tutor for your children. Often they keep lists of qualified tutors, some even former teachers in their school district. They can confidently recommend a qualified person to help your child make progress with their schoolwork.

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