Question by  Guenivere232 (40)

How do I reset the password for my Slim PS2?


Answer by  piyush6040 (13)

for all PS2 parental passwords is 0000, I am not sure if you can change it or not if you dont change your password then this code is 100% work. but you can try to search on google and definatily you can find your answer. and you can also try 1111 or 7444.


Answer by  terry444 (26)

Easy... You hold your power button for ten seconds or longer until you hear the system beep. That will reset you console as well as change imput singles.


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

Just go to your option screen. Select password entry, enter the number 7444 or if that doesn't work try 1111. Then the PS2 will allow you to reset your password with one of your own. I would suggest writing this new password down or making it something simple you can remember.

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