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Question by  BornonBeltaine (19)

How can I reset V-chip password?

My Toshiba television needs V-chip reset.


Answer by  fiddlefaddle (883)

Depending on what model, the V-chip reset method might be different. Try pressing the recall button 5 times quickly within 30 seconds.


Answer by  jAG82 (236)

Resetting the v chip password requires that you reset the button's on your t.v. or on your remote control. You have to reset everything so that you can install a new password.


Answer by  claudia (249)

One way it worked for me was to hold the Volume button down and push the Number 1. Then go to the V-chip button and enter there your new password.


Answer by  cotters (24)

You should hold down the volume DOWN on the TV set while also holding the ZERO key on the remote control. This way you can set a new password.


Answer by  HEAJG (500)

Press recall a couple of times. Hold it down tight for atleast 1 minute and then you will be directed to the v-chip screen where you can reset the password.


Answer by  rainbowbrite98 (80)

MENU button, press SET +/– button to select V-CHIP SET, press ENTER button. Enter password using channel selection. Enter same password confirmation, ENTER Press SET +/– button to select V-CHIP


Answer by  worker7566 (11)

First press menu button then select set or v-chip set obtain then press the enter button then enter the password in four digits. v-chip password will set then we using the direct channel

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