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Question by  turkey (29)

How do I replace my Camry vacuum modulator?

I need to replace my Camry vacuum modulator.


Answer by  ong1057 (47)

-Remove the upper vacuum hoses(2 in no.) -Remove the retainining clip holding the modulator -Remove the lower vacuum hose( 1 in no.) -Install the new unit in the reverse order.


Answer by  mahavin (589)

By jacking the car from the rear side so that some fluid may ooze out, now tighten the nut and bolt to replace Camry vacuum modulator.


Answer by  kumaram (77)

you will lose a little tranny fluid when you pll the old modulator out you have to pull the vacuum hose off back filrst it just pulls off


Answer by  senthil34 (169)

I have a 98 camry 4 cylinder with a check engine light on. I went to autozone and got it read. P0401 EGR Flow is insufficient. Alright so I did some research and the most common resolve is that the EGR vacuum modulator is what needs to be replaced.

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