Question by  MM58 (25)

How do I repair a leaking fiberglass hull on a sailboat?


Answer by  worker7922 (25)

This repair should be accomplished through the use of epoxy or resin along with a combination of woven fiberglass cloth and mat. First sand and grind down the damaged area. Next cover the hole with cloth, mat, and epoxy. After this sets up, sand down the area and repaint as needed.


Answer by  nicholas34 (606)

you start filling in the whole with alot of glue very thin layers at a time and sterefoam helps, ince sealed tight ad a thin layer of liqiud fiberglas and sand down untill it is smooth along the boat then if you want it to look brand new repaint the fiberglass


Answer by  reflex (278)

That is a real difficult repair. You will probably need to find a specialist to come and repair it for you. The fiber glass is a real pain.

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