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Question by  Cakes (19)

How do I repair a Honda hood cable that is broken?

While changing my battery I broke the cable for the hood of my car and would like to fix it myself.


Answer by  mechtech74 (692)

You can't really "repair" a broken cable. You'll have to buy a new one. Examine both ends to see how it attaches before removing the broken one. You will have to thread the new one through a rubber boot in the firewall, attach at hood, then to lever inside.


Answer by  phil9745 (160)

Check with your local auto parts store. Most will carry a replacement hood open cable assembly, or will be able to order one for you.


Answer by  KevinLSt3t (120)

You'll need a new cable. Download the diagram from online or buy a forbes book that shows you how. First off however you'll have to get a new cable.


Answer by  oui72 (514)

Follow the cable from end to end. Buy a new one with the same OEM number. But it's not as easy as you think it would be.


Answer by  Ralphie1954 (420)

You need to buy a replacement cable from Honda, then remove the clips on both ends. With those removed pull the cable into the car the reverse with new cable.

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