Question by  worker3467 (21)

How do I remove crayon from glass?


Answer by  Kaylee (46)

The best thing I've found to work are Mr. Clean magic erasers. They're fairly inexpensive and usually do the trick pretty quickly. I've used them on anything from glass to bathtubs to walls.


Answer by  kdem (551)

Goo be gone removes crayon from everything. You could also just try to scrape the glass with a blade form an exacto knife. After this you can use windex to break up the rest of the residue.


Answer by  tania18 (168)

To remove crayon from glass use equal parts of vinegar and water, spray on the affected area and wipe with cloth or old newspaper


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

Probably the easiest thing to take it off is to use candle wax remover since crayons are just colored wax.


Answer by  NikScheid (21)

A Magic Eraser works great! All you have to do is riun it under water and wipe away. As the magic eraser is used it goes away itself.

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