Question by  jagadesh94 (12)

How do I raise a healthy gardenia bush?

I have never had luck in the past.


Answer by  FriedaM (7)

Once established, gardenias do well without watering unless you're in extreme drought conditions. Gardenias don't like full sun- a short period of sun each day is fine but they grow best in semi-shaded areas or full shade. They also like acidic soil, so they'll appreciate being mulched with pine straw or hardwood mulch.


Answer by  margiep (422)

Plant the gardenia in an area that is moderate in temperature, keep them away from direct sunlight and make sure they are moist but not soggy.


Answer by  cody (1331)

this is how you raise a healthy gardenia bush place them wherever there is a good amount of sunlight and make sure you give them a good type of soil. i would also make sure they get plenty of water because the sun will dry out the soil and make them die


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

I found that if you plant garlic relatively close to them it keeps all the bugs away and if you keep it watered it will grow without alot of trouble usually what makes them not grow well is bugs they cannot stand up to the bugs beating them up all the time.

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