Question by  gummie (738)

How do I move a blueberry bush?

I need to move a blueberry bush.


Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

Moving a blueberry bush should be done in the fall, after the plant has lost its leaves. Make sure you take all of the roots, and fertilize the soil well.


Answer by  niki (111)

to move a bluberry bush on the other soil is depend upon the soil temprature, ph, water containing quaulity and labour work. thus , u can move bush of blueberry.


Answer by  Conjurer (53)

Be sure to take into account that a blueberry bush has very shallow roots. Try to keep as much of the root system as possible and do not transplant the bush into a new spot that is too deeply dug out.


Answer by  askmeanything (41)

You should wait until the first frost when all the leaves fall off and the bush goes dormant. Then you will need to dig a shallow wide hole, make sure you watch for the roots as they will show at the 2 foot level, gather the full root base lift

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