Question by  gallopinto (4)

What is the proper way to trim rose bushes?

I just put rose bushes in my garden. They are so beautiful!


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

You should trim them about an inch from the stem to allow them to still gain sunlight as well as water on the petals. You should not over trim them or trim them more than once every other week. You can also give them some plant food and soil to help them grow tall and strong.


Answer by  CindiLouB (96)

Trim back your rose bushes in the spring, when the buds swell and are reddish. Cut out dead wood, trim from the top to shape.


Answer by  manuelsekar (25)

You can use a Garden scissors/sharp sword kind of knife to cut the rose stems. It is advisable to cut the bushes before spring seasons.

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