Question by  Psyoper83 (27)

How do I measure windows for new screens?


Answer by  msjanetjones (158)

For a correct fit measure the metal tracks for the glass. Begin by placing your measuring tape on the left side and stretch the tape completely to the far outside of the metal track on the right. Complete the same method for the height. Remember measure twice order once!


Answer by  rhelms10 (310)

You would begin with a measuring tape. You will need to specify whether the window is set in a wall, or in a door. Measure from inside the frame, and not outside the frame. Measure from side to side, and then measure from top to bottom. You will need to specify inches or centimeters.


Answer by  iwantmoney (8)

I would use a measuring tape to measure the inside dimensions of the window. I would measure both the height and width of the window.


Answer by  cangel818 (981)

Measure width, then height. Use w and h after measurement. Measure to the nearest 1/16 inch. Measure from outside edge of screen at corners. Note location of springs, clips, etc.


Answer by  junebug0720 (270)

Try to measure using the old screens. Measurements are taken on the outside of the aluminum frames. Measure near the corners since old screens tend to bow in the middle.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Measure the area where the screen will fit into. If you go to the Home Store they have guides on how to measure screen, doors and windows. This is a free service. Measure across and to the top.

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