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Question by  ddd (10)

How do I make a summary?

I have a paper due next week and I just can't figure out how to do a summary.


Answer by  ecwthe2nd (54)

Look at the total work you want to summarize. Use the the first sentence of each paragraph as clues to create supporting paragraphs to ideas based on the section headings.


Answer by  JenniferGwennifer (40)

When writing a summary it is important to highlight all the major points without going into too many details. Try describing them in relationship to a common subject, or the overreaching theme of the object being summarized.


Answer by  ejw (25)

To summarize a paper, begin by writing down all major points and the ultimate conlusion based on those points. State your goal in writing the paper and how you intend to accomplish it. List the topics you will include and how they will help support this goal. End with a brief statement about the conclusion you will reach.


Answer by  reega (26)

A summary should tell the reader the most important points of what you're summarizing without going into too much detail. If you're summarizing a short article, try explaining each paragraph in a sentence or two. If you're summarizing a long book, try a few sentences per chapter.


Answer by  ksamani (14)

A summary should include a sentence identifying the main topic of the reading piece (i. e. music, global warming, etc. ) and some allusion to the main controlling ideas or events. It should NOT mention anything specific or detailed, so try to keep it as general as possible.

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