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Question by  shobhaih (21)

How do I make a paper Robin Hood hat?


Answer by  asdfas (280)

A simple way to make a Robin Hood hat, is to get green construction paper, and draw the shape you want your hat to be, then tape it together. You can find a pattern online, and draw a paper feather to tape on there too.


Answer by  Aya (797)

You can find a diagram for this in any origami book, or you can search online for "origami hat" and you will find directions.


Answer by  MCheryll (105)

With a sheet of green construction paper together, cut a line from the top left corner, to the bottom right. Align the two triangle shaped pieces, and glue the two smaller sides together, and you have a hat! You may want to add detail by cutting a feather shape on a red sheet and sticking it on the top.


Answer by  nanook (605)

Fold green paper in half lengthwise. At fold, bend sides to middle to make point. Bring bottom paper pieces up to create hat. Glue at each side to secure and add a feather, which can be real or also made out of paper.

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