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Question by  jestroud (17)

How do I make a diaper cake?


Answer by  Craftlady (26)

Start with a flat, round cardboard base, and an extra large shrink wrap bag. Place base inside bottom of bag. Place diapers in a circle around base. Use hair dryer to slightly shrink the bag. Repeat for more layers using less diapers until desired size. Add small baby trinkets to sides for decoration. Shrink completely.


Answer by  msbee (484)

Buy an assortment of diapers in different sized packages, stack beginning with the largest packages of diapers on the bottom decreasing in size as you go up. Decorate with a ribbon wrapping around each layer of cake, add artificial flowers or bows randomly on cake.


Answer by  LLL57 (73)

Gather disposable diapers tightly into a circle and enclose with wide clear tape to keep the diapers together. Place a stuffed animal on top of the diaper as a decoration theme. Tape assorted baby products around the edges of the cake for decoration and to hide the tape.


Answer by  becca63 (325)

You start by making a round teir like in a cake with all of the diapers rolled up. Then you tie a bow around the tier. You will repeat this step twice more each time making each topping teir a bit smaller. After all are stacked you can choose to add in other baby items held in by the ribbon.


Answer by  bdodd (31)

Gather groups of diapers and section them off, tying them with ribbon, these will act as layers on your cake. Add other decorations such as more ribbons or rattles.


Answer by  redpolkadot (27)

Roll 30-40 diapers, tie them closed with a ribbon and secure them in circular layers on a platter. Decorate with a bottle for a candle and place in clear bag.


Answer by  Kath (1537)

Take diapers, ribbon, rubber bands and other baby decorations and roll the diapers. Make each tier by using the bands and ribbons to hold together. Keep building!


Answer by  luv2craft (140)

Purchase a package of newborn diapers and roll up each diaper starting at the top of the diaper, then arrange in a cake shape, taping them together as you go.


Answer by  lillybby (359)

There is a mold that you can purchase to make the shape or you can make the shape yourself by stacking two square cakes shapeing and iceing them.


Answer by  thom0045 (350)

To make a diaper cake, use cardboard as a base and then position and build diapers and other baby things around it so that it isn't visable.


Answer by  tubeth2000 (104)

• 16″ cardboard platter • Baby bottle • 8 feet of 1' ribbon • Rubber bands • Clear tape • 50 diapers • Decorative baby items Assembling: • Roll diapers • Secure with a band • Fold receiving blanket around tiers with tape • Cover rubber with ribbon • Top your tiers with tape • Decorate • Top with toy

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