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Question by  worker7127 (69)

How do I load pics on PSP?


Answer by  Jon58 (40)

You can either connect the PSP to a computer with a USB cable and transfer pictures, or load the pictures to an SD card.


Answer by  Deacon97 (19)

Plug your PSP into your computer. Then navigate to the PSP drive. In the PSP drive, if there isn't already a folder named PSP, create one with that name. Then within that create a folder called images. Copy images into that folder and they will be accessible from your PSP.


Answer by  PanchoXX (12)

It's pretty simple actually. Just load the memory stick from the PSP into your computer (You might have to get a card reader if your computer doesn't already have one) drag the pics onto the memory stick, then put the stick back into your PSP. Then, feel free to enjoy the pics whenever you'd like.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well to do it by usb just connect the PSP to your pc. The take your pictures and place them inside the Picture folder located on the PSP. If you have a memory card the you can also add files by inserting it into your pc if you have a card reader.


Answer by  Bala74 (26)

Find the drive you plugged in your psp,then double click the icon and find the folder which you have the picture,After you just drag and drop the content that must be viewable on your psp then unplug the device from your computer.


Answer by  rodolfoe307 (34)

you must get a usb adapter cord for your psp. once attached to the psp you can drag and drop pics into the photo folder

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