Question by  sarahs (3)

How can I determine the year and value of a Harmony House cedar chest?

I have pics,


Answer by  MissJones (19)

Try Googleing and see what you come up with. I would look on ebay and find related items. Visit local antique stores and ask dealers or store personel, they can usually direct you to an appraiser in your area or someone that specializes in that particular type of furniture. Also local auction houses may be able to give you info.


Answer by  Laurie21 (90)

Talk to the clerk at your local antique shop. Or try a website like Ebay to find the same/similar chest and what price they have it listed at.


Answer by  abusymom4ever (11)

The best way to have your cedar chest authenticated is to have an expert representative of Harmony House examine it. Email the picture to the Harmony House address. However, the picture will not give us the exact age or value of the chest. We will need to physically examine it for specific characteristics to determine the accurate age or value.


Answer by  Vlascav (30)

the style that it is in can be a sign as to its age also how dark it is due to aging. there should be sites online that can help you determine age by coloration. the value can be determined after this.

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