Question by  lindsay (111)

What is the off-sides rule in soccer?


Answer by  kimsjustin (19)

The player is in the offside position when he is closer to the goal than the opponent nearest the same goal excluding the goalkeeper. A player is only offside when the ball is passed to him. He is not offside on a throw-in, goal kick, corner kick or if the player dribbled through the last defender then passed.


Answer by  Tostao (27)

When a player is on the other team's side of the field and, at the moment the ball is passed to him or her, this player has two or less players of the other team between him/her and the goal, then the player is off-side if he receives the pass.

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Answer by  willard (874)

In outdoor soccer an offside foul is called when an offensive player, or attacking player, is passed the ball and there are not at least two opponents between him or her and the goal line. The penalty for an offside foul is that the other team is given possession of the ball.

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