Question by  silvscorp (12)

How do I know when my pit bull is ready to breed?

I would like to breed mine but don't know the signs.


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

A dog is ready to breed when it is at least six months old. Their body's are producing and ready at that age. After they reach that age they can breed any time.

Reply by brittanyv69 (0):
First of all you don't know what your talking about That is a deadly age to breed Any dog at it should be at least 1 1/2 to 2 years old  add a comment

Answer by  TheAnswerFairy (2345)

First consider whether it is a responsible thing to do to bring more puppies into the world when shelters put hundreds to sleep every day. If you simply must have puppies, the youngest age at which it is fully safe for the mother is typically around 2 years old.


Answer by  maber (1427)

Once the pit bull goes through the signs of heat or starts spraying in the house, then you know they are able to breed.


Answer by  boxers3 (550)

Having a pure bred dog does not mean you are qualified to breed. Numerous health tests should be done first to ensure the dog will not pass on defects.


Answer by  Angela17 (697)

Just like with any other breed of dog, you will know when they are in heat when she starts to bleed. This occurs, depending on the breed, every 6 to 8 months and can last up to 3 weeks at a time.

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