Question by  Chacho (21)

How do I install a new monitor on my laptop?


Answer by  ahsanmahmoodawan (1169)

if your laptop have dvi port or hdmi port then get monitor and get vga to hdmi connector or if have simple vga port then get simple monitor and install


Answer by  Kazturk (81)

Most monitors are plug and play nowadays. You only need to find a power outlet for the monitor, and connect the color coded cable into it's slot in the back of your pc.


Answer by  Jay18 (112)

There are small screws on the bottom of the laptop which need to be removed. After being removed the monitor will easily come off for the installation of new.


Answer by  Rafar (46)

If the LCD display is broken on a laptop then the display assembly must be disassembled and the LCD panel itself needs to be replaced. The other option is to buy a new external Monitor and attach it to the VGA port however the laptop will not be portable.


Answer by  bob6518 (319)

if you're talking about replacing the physical screen, that can be very difficult and expensive. If you're looking to simply connect an external desktop monitor, though, that is eaiser. you need a cord to connect the monitor to your laptop, and your laptop has to have the right type of connection.


Answer by  anime018 (234)

Most laptop come with a VGA port on the side some might even have a s-video or DVI port. You can connect your monitor via the VGA or DVI port depending on you laptop. You may need to buy a adapter if the ports don't match up with your monitor.


Answer by  bsmind (5)

Connect the VGA cable of Monitor to the graphics port in Laptop. Switch On the Monitor. Click on start and select settings than control panel. In this new Window click on PERSONALIZATION icon. Here just click on the "Connect to a Projector or other External Display".


Answer by  gigo (1706)

There are three possibilities to connect a new monitor on your laptop. It depends on your hardware: you have the choice between usb, vga or usb.


Answer by  DrShamik (17)

If you want to install a new monitor on your laptop you should first find out the VGA or HDMI output on the laptop. Then connect the output with a cable (generally provided with a new monitor)to the VGA or HDMI input of your monitor. Take care about not to damage the pins.


Answer by  rajaprakash4ugmailcom (3)

To install a new monitor by, in the laptop vga card connect the cable to monitor means it will get install


Answer by  vairavelaxejob12121989gmailcom (3)

I have a laptop the following steps are used to connect or install a new monitor on my laptop: 1. at first turn the laptop off. 2. connect the monitor to a laptop with a connecting cable(VGA or HDMI ). use the adapter as need to make the connection. 3. plug the monitor for power. 4. turn on the laptop

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