Question by  patti (29325)

What are signs your laptop screen is going bad?

I think my laptop screen is going bad.


Answer by  MarvinFVicarme (132)

Main factor of a bad laptop screen is, when it turned dim or a blank screen, the cause of this problem is loose or broken video cable or corrupted driver.


Answer by  gyles19 (126)

The symptoms vary between styles of laptop screens. Common symptoms include stuck pixels and failure to display certain colors properly. Another symptom is a screen that fails to display at the desired brightness.


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

The most common signs of a dying screen are long green lines running vertically down the screen. Also if you notice spider web style cracks and lines forming, this is an indication of an Liquid Crystal Display leak. Also if you notice several dead pixels (Small spots where the screen is blacked out) this is a good indication.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

There are two signs: One is to have more and more dark pixels that are not working anymore, the other is to check a flickering connection.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

When laptop screens go bad there are a variety of indicators. If you have places with "dead" pixels, i. e. little black dots throughout the screen, your screen may be going out. Other indicators are your screen flickers or rolls while on or that your screen doesn't refresh after you touch it, i. e. it leaves a ring around where you touched.


Answer by  dfgospgfj (164)

Typically, the first signs are vertical bars in the screen's display. However, you may also notice a discoloration in the screen.


Answer by  Daniell (160)

A clear signal of a laptop screen reaching the end of its life is an overall decay in luminosity. Also look out for burned out pixels.


Answer by  Cjc (299)

Some of the most telltale signs are that the screen seems to be dimmer than usual (even with brightness turned all the way up), flickering, and if it glows a different color until it is "warmed up" (that is the screen appears pink when first turning the pc on).


Answer by  leclairm (20)

Possible signs include: 1) black lines across the screen, either horizontally or vertically. 2) blocks of blackened or miscolored pixels in a location on your screen. 3) low brightness even when the brightness settings both in Windows and on the laptop are set to the maximum. 4) periods where the screen image will flicker or disappear.

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