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Question by  anilhari5555 (16)

How do I install a lower control arm ball joint in a Ford Ranger?


Answer by  oddflash (902)

The first step would be to get a repair manual such as Chiltons or Haynes for the make year and model. It should give step by step instructions with pictures.


Answer by  nt17 (125)

Purchase or borrow a do-it-yourself manual where you'll find step by step directions to safely perform this repair. I prefer Chilton's manuals but there are others such as Haynes and Clymer. Follow the directions to the letter since you're dealing with your Ranger's steering and control ability. And be sure to have the front end's alignment checked afterwards.


Answer by  Joe1010us (239)

Jack up the car and take off the rim. Take the bolt that holds the ball joint out then take out the bolts holding up the arm. A fork will be needed to slide the old ball joint downward. Repeat process in reverse to install


Answer by  oui72 (514)

You need to have hammer, wrenches, hanger, Lift jack and strength. Hammer to loosen parts. Wrenches to remove bolts and nuts. Hanger to lift your Ranger. Strength is to pull and put everything. Hang the Ranger. Remove tire. Jack up suspension. If you have non of these senses don't work!


Answer by  anandhakumar (13)

It contains a cup and a ball. The joint permit deferment to shift and bend without lessening apart. If you hear rattling or if your routing becomes stiff, this is a clear sign that your joints are worn and also visually examine the joints for wear of the joints boots.

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