Question by  dhwoow (15)

How do I help my 6-year-old with my divorce?


Answer by  missypoo98 (96)

Well if you are getting divorced because your ex cheated on you it's more difficult to be with him/her. But, if possible spend time as a family and if this is the way it is make sure the child knows it's not his fault and that you both love him.

Reply by missypoo98 (96):
Meaning if your ex didn't do some thing to harm the child. And if he/she did I would'nt let them be with each other to much. But, just keep things as normal as possible make sure he/she know that you love him/her because that is the most difficult part feeling  add a comment

Answer by  thilaga (66)

you should play both the role as father and mother you should spent more time with the kid educate him with the problem without hiding anything


Answer by  britt01 (292)

Let him know what is going on. Most six years have some understanding of divorce. They tell when something is going wrong. Never say anything bad about your ex. This can made a child have mental issues. It can also make a child have problems in school. Try spending lots of time with child.


Answer by  missypoo98 (96)

alone and unloved and like it's your fault. Make sure the child doesn't feel like this. And don't lie to him/her about anything that has to do with the divorce. I should know I was 9 when my parents divorced. It was only my dad's fault though. Good luck!!!


Answer by  Rose (6804)

The best thing you can do is keep things as normal as possible. Do things as a family still, hang out with your soon to be ex and make life as normal as you can. Be honest with her and make sure she understands that she is not in any way to blame.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Let her know it's not her fault. Make sure you and your soon to be ex spend PLENTY of time with her doing things she enjoys.


Answer by  missypoo98 (96)

alone. Make sure that he/she knows it's not their fault! I should no I was 9 when my parents got a divorce . Anyway good luck! I'll be praying for you! God bless!

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